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My Satisfied Clients Are Proof I Can Help With Your Chicago Property Matter

"I engaged Richard from out-of-state to handle an extremely complex real estate transaction. The favorable outcome can only be attributable to his tenacity and willingness to go the extra mile on my behalf. The level of professionalism he displayed over the course would be hard to duplicate by anyone else given the same project."

- Paulette Domio, client

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I am Dedicated to Protecting my Clients’ Property Rights

Our company had been struggling for well over a year with the City of Chicago Water Department over some serious billing errors when the City filed a lawsuit. At that point we engaged Richard. His approach was to work with the City’s outside counsel to pinpoint the source and the reasons for the erroneous billings.


Using reason and his negotiation skills, Richard was able to reach a very fair settlement with the City, which we learned was very unusual, as the City rarely ever settles a water billing dispute. We believe Richard’s success on our behalf is due to his high level of professionalism and his ability to work with the other side in resolving complex matters. We only wish we had retained him sooner.

- James Robertson, client


"We are long-time residents of the Village of River Forest. Early last year, much to our surprise, we were served with a notice that our outside lighting was in violation of the Village’s public nuisance ordinance. We were summoned to appear before an administrative judge, who found in favor of the Village. At that point, we engaged Richard. Richard counseled us against suing the Village until we had exhausted all other avenues. After researching the matter, he found there was no legal basis for the Village’s claim whatsoever, which he then clearly articulated to the Village’s legal counsel. The Village decided at that point to completely drop the matter. Richard is an excellent attorney whose strategy and skillful communications led to the successful outcome of this matter."  

- Norm and Neila Teiber, clients


"We are longtime residents of Oak Park who have found ourselves in the midst of a zoning variance issue. Several attorneys would not take our case, but Richard believed in our cause and took it on. He has been a passionate advocate for us and continues to carry on the legal battle to protect our rights. We are confident that we will have a positive outcome because of his involvement. Richard has broad knowledge on zoning issues and expensive advocacy experience. He is thoughtful about what is the best path for his clients. Highest recommendation!"  

- Jim and Mary Fahey, clients

“I only work with Richard. He is smart, knowledgeable, and very professional”

- Pete Dykes, client


"I have known Richard for over twenty years. He has a broad range of experience and knowledge in Real Estate and related fields. He provides comprehensive, sound and practical legal advice to all my clients that have retained him. He is diligent in his approach and communicates fully with his clients and associates. He is articulate in his concerns and creative in resolving conflict. Above all, he is a professional with the highest level of integrity."

- Jolyn Crawford, realtor